Aquarium Cleaning

Usually performed fortnightly or monthly. Regular servicing will keep your aquarium looking good & keep it healthy for the fish & plants.

The normal service includes:

  • Inspection of livestock & hardware operation.
  • 30% water change using gravel siphon.
  • Trimming of plants.
  • Filter clean.
  • Cleaning algae off glass.
  • Refilling with conditioned water, including water neutralizer & minerals.
  • Testing & adjustment of parameters & recording results for future reference.
  • Adding live “good” first generation bacteria.
  • Cleaning the glass exterior.

Additional Aquarium Services


Problem solving – Dying fish, excess algae, poor plant growth?

Filtration – Needing a new or better filter?

Water Quality – Poor water parameters?

General Advice – Sometimes you just need the right information!