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Most jobs are done on an "hourly rate", but if you require an estimate this can be done through the "contact us" page. We will email an estimate based on the information you supplied.

If a firm quote is required this can be done by an assessment visit & covers the condition of aquarium or pond, livestock condition, water health, hardware operation & quoting. Most assessments cost $85.00 including GST


Please include the following information so we can give you a more accurate estimate. Access to mains water, drainage and power is required

  • Measurements - Lenght, Height, Width
  • Suburb or location
  • Type of filter - external, internal, model?
  • How long since the fish tank or fish pond was last cleaned
  • Any other information that may be relevant. Example, is the water green or excess algae growing on plants etc
  • Additional information if pond cleaning is required. Is a water wall, statue or water tiers present. Please add a description & approx measurements